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Suitable for varying skill levels, classes are offered to both adults and youth. View our class listings or contact us for more information.
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Let's Travel: Ireland

Let's Travel: Ireland

April 14-23, 2023 - Join us as we prepare to visit both Ireland and Northern Ireland where we will learn about the culture of both countries while seeing all the sights, sounds and people of this beautiful island country.
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Informational Workshops for Let's Travel: Ireland

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A program of Westfield on Weekends,  the Creative Arts Center's mission is to serve Westfield through the arts and culture. Our goal is to provide opportunities for artistic expression to community members of all skill levels.

We’d love to have you join us at the Creative Arts Center to try out one of our many workshops, or classes.

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What is Westfield on weekends?

Westfield on Weekends is a volunteer, non-profit organization devoted to enriching the creative vitality of our community through accessible artistic and cultural events, programs and entertainment.

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Westfield Creative Arts Center Is Made Possible With Contributions From Local Businesses & Organizations Such As:

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Visit Ireland in April 2023

Join us in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland!

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