ONE-Day Workshop
Class/Workshop Starts

October 31, 2023 2:00 PM

Tuesdays, 6-8 PM

$80-120 per month/$25 for walk-ins
Class Type:
Adult Class


Ongoing acrylic painting class is for intermediate painting students on Tuesday evenings. Students must have some experience and knowledge painting in acrylics. Each student in the class will create their own painting with help from the instructor and benefit from the camaraderie of fellow students!  Each student will bring their own painting supplies while easels are provided.

Landscapes, marine scenes, garden scenes and still life scenes are typical paintings each week. Color copies of appropriate scenes are provided as reference material if desired or one can paint from their own photos. There is no pressure and each student proceeds at their own pace and enjoys the class, sometimes taking several sessions to complete a painting.

Progress in painting skills and techniques come with time and practice and with the instruction and knowledge of a teacher.

At times the class will enjoy painting en plein air or painting outside locally on weekends when the season and weather are appropriate.

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Richard Nowak
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Richard Nowak

Richard Nowak is a New England artist who paints in oils, acrylics and watercolors of New England landscapes, harbor scenes and gardens in an impasto impressionist style utilizing a combination of brush work and painting knives.  Richard is known for his textured application of paint and high-keyed colors and is influenced by the Pennsylvania Impressionists or New Hope School as well as the French Impressionists. He has been featured in area galleries and public areas for the past twenty years and is a current member of the Tobacco Valley Art League, the Holyoke Art League and past member of the Oil Painters of America, the Springfield Art League, and the Deerfield Art League.  

Working on location and from photographs, Richard handles the paint loosely, allowing the paint strokes to convey the feeling of delight and joy that the act of painting inspires in him. Local flower gardens such as Stanley Park, Amelia Park and Grandmother’s garden in Westfield are a constant source of inspiration for this impressionist oil painter and he can often be seen painting on location.

Richard Nowak
Your Instructor

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