Join us for a Cupcakes, Cookies and Community celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month!!

Please join us as we celebrate Hispanic American Heritage Month with a wonderful party celebrating the Latino culture in Westfield. Our special guest will be the Miracle Sister who will share her stories, games, music and culture. This program is part of the Westfield on Weekend's Cupcakes, Cookies and Community children's program and is specially designed for children (ages 3-8) and their parent or guardian.

Refreshments will be served.

Please email Kathi Bradford, Director at with any questions. We look forward to seeing you at 105 Elm Street from 4:00-6:00pm. While not required, costumes are encouraged!

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A Celebration of Hispanic American Heritage Month with the Miracle Sister from Colombia
The Presenter

Alexandria Rivera

Alexandria Rivera

Alexandria was born and raised in Brooklyn New York and moved to Rhode Island in 2019.  She has always been a performer ever since she was a little girl.  Her sister would always joke that she was a Disney character.  When the movie "Encanto" came out, Alexandria was in awe by the main character Mirabel.  She said “wow, finally a Disney character that looks like me”.  As it turns out Alexandria really resonated with Mirabel, realizing they were one and the same. 

She joins us from the Infinity & Beyond Character Entertainment Company.

Samantha Pierce

Samantha is the proud owner of Infinity & Beyond Character Entertainment. She is surrounded by many other talented individuals that help create magical memories every week. Her inspiration for the company first came from her love of cosplay and bringing her favorite characters to life.

Now, she gets to see the magic in little ones’ eyes when they get to meet their heroes! Thank you for supporting her dream!

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