Have a little extra time or want to get involved? Why not, volunteer for WOW and help make Westfield shine like the sun over Mount Tekoa!

WOW volunteers are helping to make Westfield, the kind of city that residents and visitors alike describe as a great place to raise a family, to learn new things and to enjoy community.

Without our volunteers, WOW could never produce its extensive calendar of events and activities, many of which – like PumpkinFest and the Lantern Light Parade – have become community traditions

WOW volunteers give of their time and talents in many ways – from working on event and activity committees to helping to promote WOW in the community to physically creating an event when it happens. From administration to marketing to program production, there is something for everyone to do.

Volunteer for WOW by filling out the form below. You will be contacted and be given all you need to know about joining WOW. Once oriented, you will begin helping make the sun shine brighter over Tekoa Mountain and you will have a good time in the process.