ONE-Day Workshop
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January 11, 2023 6:00 PM

Class Type:
Adult Class

Looking for something special? Our Spring 2023 Intro to Photography Class would make a perfect gift!

This course is oriented toward understanding how to use your camera to achieve well composed and properly exposed digital images.   While it is acknowledged that smart phones have cameras, they do not offer the controls that are available in stand-alone cameras.  Using these controls to achieve your desired effects provides the basis for much of this course.

We will meet in 5 weekly 2-hour sessions with structured presentations (during which time questions are encouraged) and each session will include an assigned learning exercise. The course will cover three broad areas:

-         Photography Basics: The Camera; Exposure and Focus

-         Making (vs. Taking) a Photograph: Light, Lenses and Composition; Camera Technique

-         The Digital Age: Digital Image Formats, File Management, Post-processing

Participants are encouraged to bring their cameras and camera manuals to class.  Time will be set aside each week for open discussion of all things photographic.

Use of masks is optional in the Center.


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Doug James
Your Instructor

Doug James

Doug James is a retired electrical engineer living in Westfield. His longstanding appreciation of nature and attraction to nature photography led him to study with the New York Institute of Photography.  Doug’s photographic Interest had begun to wane when it was rekindled by the introduction of digital photography and the limitless creative opportunities it provides.  Doug’s Photographs have since won several awards, including Best in Show in the North American Nature Photography Association 2016 competition. He and his wife have collaborated in publishing two children’s books highlighting his photography and her poetry.

Doug James
Your Instructor

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