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August 29, 2022 7:00 PM

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Let's Travel: Ireland

Details to follow.

Please review our Let's Travel: Ireland Series page for more information about the trip and a prospective itinerary.

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Kathi Bradford
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Kathi Bradford

Kathi Bradford is both a traveler and an educator. As the Director of Alumni Relations at Westfield State University, she coordinated all the Alumni Travel experiences along with an annual two-week service-learning class in numerous countries of the world. Currently retired, she serves as the Director of the Creative Arts Center and believes that everyone is a traveler when they allow themselves to experience new cultures, foods, music, sights and sounds. Kathi also believes that the kind of trip the center is offering is geared to people who want to enjoy the most they can in a relaxing, fun way with other interested travelers. She is a huge supporter of both individual and group travel and has traveled her entire life and plans to continue as long as she can. She hopes you will join the monthly classes to experience different countries from the vantage point of 105 Elm Street, the WOW Creative Arts Center.

Kathi Bradford
Your Instructor

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