Learn how to mount, mat and frame your photographs using pre-cut mats and standard frame sizes.  While photographs will be used in this workshop, most of the techniques discussed can also be applied to other 2-dimensional art work.  We will begin with a general discussion of options available in choosing materials for mounting, matting and framing your work. We’ll consider the effects of some of those choices in planning the steps in the process followed by both demonstrations and hands-on practice in two techniques for mounting and matting a photograph. This will be followed by a demonstration of how to complete the framing with dust cover, hanging wire and bumpers.  Additionally, sources of the various supplies will be suggested.

We will be mounting two 8×10 photographs, one using each technique. These photographs will be supplied but you may use photographs of your own. Mats and mounting materials will also be supplied.

Please remember to bring a brown bag lunch

October 26th, 10AM-2PM

Class is limited to 8 participants $60.00


Learn how to paint with the easiest paint medium, acrylic paint!  Acrylic paint cleans up with water, dries hard to the touch in just a few minutes and requires no toxic chemicals like mineral spirits or turpentine.  It is also very forgiving and you and easily cover up mistakes or make corrections!
With Richard Nowak as the instructor you will learn how to paint a completed acrylic painting in a step by step process as he demonstrates painting landscapes, marine scenes, garden scenes and florals.  He will paint and provide direction for each step of the way.  He will provide color copies for each student of the scenes that will be the subject of the class. Often the scenes are local landscape or park scenes of Westfield and surrounding areas or copies of famous impressionist paintings such as paintings of Monet, Van Gogh or Renoir.
As you take the classes you will see things differently as an artist sees things and will be able to capture some of natures beauty on canvas!  Your appreciation of color will be enhanced as you learn to mix paint colors.  The two hour class sessions will open a new window in your life! The end result is that art will make your life more complete and satisfying!

Supplies for Beginner’s Acrylic Painting Class
A kit is available at most Michaels stores called Grumbacher Starter Acrylic Painting kit. It includes 4 tubes of paint, two painting panels, one painting knife and three brushes in different sizes.  It’s all you need to get started!   Beyond that the following are other items that you may to purchase as you progress in your classes.
Acrylic Paints:  (Colors)  Titanium White, Cadmium Red Medium or Light, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Alizarin Crimson (Hooker’s Green, Phalo Blue and Burnt Umber are also good but not absolutely necessary for the class)  Grumbacher brand or other good student or artist grade paints are okay.
Acrylic Painting Panels, Michaels, AC Moore or other brands available in sets of 3 or 5 Size:  9” x 12”, 11” x 14”, or 12” x 16” (9” x 12” preferred for 2 hour class)
#8 Filbert brush, #2 round brush or #2 flat brush, script brush (buy brushes marked for acrylic painting usually synthetic bristles)  Grumbacher brand is excellent. You can buy more brushes as you develop your painting skills.  You may want to purchase a set of brushes to save money.
Roll of paper towels
 Good pencils, 2B, 4B or 6B and a kneaded eraser
 Palette (plastic), can use a plastic or paper plate to be thrown away after the class
 Cup for water is provided at the class
 Table top easel (not absolutely necessary for tables are provided)
 Bag to hold all the above items
 A willing attitude to experiment and learn by doing while making the session a happy

Tuesdays 6PM-8PM

$160 for 8 week session / $25 drop in Starts September 10th

$140 for a 7 week session / $25 drop in Starts November 7th


In this six-week session students will learn basic watercolor techniques, including some experimental applications.

No Materials are Needed. Ms. Guidetti will supply everything needed for beginners. However, should you have supplies, please bring them. 

6-8 PM 6 weeks, $120.00/$25.00 drop in rate.  Starts September 25th

Quilting - open studio with marsha molloy

This unstructured quilting class, for beginners and experienced quilters alike, allows you to learn to quilt what you want to quilt while you learn about tools and techniques that make quilting fast and fun!  Come and start a project of your own choosing or bring a project you are already working on or, if you are undecided, a beginner project is ready to welcome you to the satisfying art of quilt making.A supply list includes the fabric needed for the beginner project, otherwise, students bring their own project.​

Materials needed: Each student will need to bring to class basic sewing supplies, including a sewing machine and rotary cutter. Cutting mats, acrylic rulers, iron and ironing board will be available for your use on-site.

Wednesdays 1PM-4PM 

4 week sessions start on October 2nd and October 30th

$80 for 4 week session / $24 drop in (plus supplies)


In this class you will discover the unique characteristics of different fibers and learn how to take them from their natural state and work them into usable strands for your creations. Lin with share the skills of carding using both hand cards and a carding machine, and will teach how to use a drop spindle and ply your single to create a finished yarn. Students are encouraged to bring their own natural fiber samples and tools for exploration and practice.

Wedesdays 4-6 PM, November 6, 13, 20

$60.00/4 weeks


This course is oriented toward understanding how to use your camera to achieve well composed and properly exposed digital images.   While it is acknowledged that smart phones have cameras, they do not offer the controls that are available in standalone cameras.  Using these controls to achieve your desired effects provides the basis for much of this course.

We will meet in 4 weekly 2-hour sessions with structured presentations (during which time questions are encouraged) and each session will include an assigned learning exercise.  The course will cover three broad areas:

–          Photography Basics: The Camera; Exposure and Focus

–          Making (vs. Taking) a Photograph: Light, Lenses and Composition; Camera Technique

–          The Digital Age: Digital Image Formats, File Management, Post-processing

Participants are encouraged to bring their cameras and camera manuals to class.  Time will be set aside each week for open discussion of all things photographic.  

Thursdays 6-8 PM, October 3,10,17,24

$80.00/4 weeks – limited to 6 participants



Do you like puppets and want to learn to create one, right in time for the holidays? In this class students will learn to build a carved foam puppet with a simple mechanism. I will use an “Elf Puppet” as our project model to teach these techniques, however students will be encouraged to make whatever character they are inspired to create with this type of puppet. We will learn how to build a mechanism, to paint, carve, & sculpt foam, and to add features like eye’s to really bring your puppet to life. Students will also learn how these techniques can be used and applied to a host of other puppets. Come and try something new and completely different then I am sure you have ever done before!

Adult workshop Saturday November 16th, 10AM-4 PM (bring a bagged lunch) $60.00



Learn how to paint outside or in the open or “plein air” with instructor artist Richard Nowak as he shows you how to paint the vibrant autumn colors of trees and foliage in acrylic paint.

One location is TBD. The outside light changes dramatically and Richard will help you paint the essential colors in a step by step process as he demonstrate his techniques.

Painting outside is great fun and there is no comparison with painting inside. You experience the sounds, sights and smells of the great outdoors! The “plein air” painting movement is very popular worldwide as artists take to the great outdoors to paint nature as it really is and as the French Impressionist showed us the way!

The acrylic paint supplies are basically the same as painting indoors with the exception of having a standing French outdoor easel (easily purchased at East Coast Job Lot or Michaels). A table easel would also do the trick if you also bring a small card table. Folding canvas chairs may also be convenient. Appropriate clothing for the Fall weather

Saturday October 12 2:00-4:00 PM $25.00

Saturday November 2 2:00-4:00 PM $25.00


Join Lezette Beaumier every Sunday morning 9:30-11:00 AM to breathe, balance, stretch and strengthen your way into a new week in this robust class. Using a mix of Hatha poses and flow, Lezette will guide you in this dedicated 90 minutes of self-care.

Class is limited to 10 practitioners. $15.00/class